Flaming Forks, Ice Cream and The Great Cheese Debate

by Katie on February 13, 2009

Yesterday, I had an email conversation with my dear friend Allison,
who is quite an intelligent young woman (no hint of sarcasm whatsoever here, the girl is smart, but like me, suffers from momentary lapses in common sense at times). Well, her latest little incident almost cost her $12.50.

In summary, on her lunch hour, she heated up a little turkey to make a turkey wrap. Only, while she was enjoying her turkey wrap, the stove continued to burn. The fork she was using had a plastic handle. Allison smells something funny, and immediately heads to the kitchen to remove the skillet from the burner. But, the damage had been done. The already severely melted fork dripped onto the burner and caught fire. Literally. Small flames and smoke. And then proceeded to create a series of small fires as it dripped across the stove. Allison did have a fire extinguisher, but the clause in her lease states she owes the complex $12.50 if she ever uses it, which she always figured would be the least of her problems if there was ever a need to use it. So, luckily, she was able to blow out all the mini fork fires and keep her $12.50.

Last night, as Brandon and I were enjoying a bowl of White Chocolate Almond ice cream (Blue Bell of course), I told him the story of the Flaming Fork, which I knew he would find humorous due to my own tendency to leave the oven and stove burning through dinner – the latest occurrence was just two nights ago.

Brandon’s response to the Flaming Fork Story?

“First, I can’t believe we haven’t had any flaming forks in our house as much as you leave the oven on. Good thing we don’t have any plastic ones. Second, a turkey wrap? Ugh. Third, this ice cream is amazing. Seriously. We’re never buying another Blue Bell flavor again.”

Interesting response, but at least he caught on to a few details in the story, right?

And now for The Great Cheese Debate.

This morning, we were enjoying some pig-in-the-blankets (Brandon’s favorite quick breakfast), and he takes two bites into them (which is basically a whole pig and blanket).

“Uh, what kind of cheese did you use in these?”

[No, I never used cheese in them prior to marriage, but that’s how he likes them.]

“Sliced cheese. Is that a problem?”

“What kind do you usually use?”

“Whatever we have. I used sliced cheese last time.”

“Hmm. I didn’t notice last time. But I noticed this time.”

“Sometimes I use the Velveeta-type cheese. I’ve even used sprinkle cheese before.”

“Yeah, don’t ever do that again. Sprinkle cheese is bad on these.”

“Ok…so, what kind should I use?”

“I wish we could use block cheese. But it’s expensive.”

“Yeah, we don’t buy block cheese. And we’re not going to use expensive cheese for pig-in-the-blankets anyway.”

“Well, I guess the sliced cheese will work.”

And there you have it, The Great Cheese Debate settled over a combination of factors including taste, ease of use, price and availability. If only we could solve the rest of the world’s problems over breakfast.


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